Cam'ron - Killa Season

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A CTV Exclusive Film Presentation of Cam'ron's classic movie Killa Season.
Killa Season marks Cameron Giles AKA Cam'ron's first time as a triple threat in the film world, serving as the films writer, director, and lead actor. Initially released in 2006 Killa Season instantly became a cult classic and redefined independent hop hop cinema. At the time it was simultaneously with Cam'ron's classic album Killa Season The film chronicles a loosely autobiographical plot of his own transformation from a high school basketball star to a full-time heroin dealer. An intense tale from the street concerning a rising hustler named Flea who decides to take his game to the next level after getting a taste of the big time. Flea was a basketball player and small time hustler with a natural skill for making money. Upon making the acquaintance of a noteworthy mover and shaker from the Dominican Republic, however, Flea soon finds that a little something extra is not nearly enough to satiate his growing hunger for power and respect. When everybody wants to be on top, it's going to take a miracle for Flea to become number one and still maintain his honor.

The film also stars fellow diplomat Juelz Santana as "Bandana" and Hell Rell as Hell.

Other members of the Diplomats who made appearances in the film included 40 Cal, Un Kasa, J. R. Writer and "Chubbie Baby," who served as Flea's supplier of firearms.

Actors: Cam'ron, Durrel Mohammad, Juelz Santana, Michael Williams, Funkmaster Flex
Director: Cam'ron
Writer: Cam'ron
Producers: Cam'ron, Jacob York, Jim Jones

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